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Unless, that is, you are frightened at the prospect of not achieving a high score in our bumper Christmas movie quiz. Do you know your Die Hard from your Die Hard 2: Die Harder? The Hardest Christmas Movie Quiz You'll Ever Take. Take this quiz or you're a cotton headed ninny muggins. Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss. com. 25 Facts About Famous Christmas Movies. BY Stacy Conradt.

Quiz: Die Hard – test your film knowledge Die Hard was released 25 years ago this week. To mark the occasion, here's a quiz to test how well you know the film and its sequels In the 1985 Christmas film Santa Claus: The Movie, what is the other name given for the elves in the film?

The elves were called" The Vendequm. " In 1985's film Santa Claus: The Movie, what is the name of the elf played by Dudley Moore? Dudley Moore plays Patch the elf. This week I decided to create a Christmas Movie trivia game for all to participate in. In case you don't know, I happen to LOVE the Christmas season, and I love movies too.

Christmas TV and Movie Trivia. In The Polar Express movie, what word does the conductor punch into the ticket of" the young man with all the questions" ? Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz. A Hollywood Christmas. Try your hand at this quick set of quiz questions related to Christmas in movies. Die Hard. 8) What was the. Here we bring you a set of hard trivia questions and answers for pub quizzes, pub games, team games, learning and fun, hope you'll enjoy reading them Christmas Trivia Games.

This holiday, challenge your friends and family to a few good-natured Christmas games of trivia. We give you the rules and fun variations for this holiday gathering favorite. Christmas Trivia Game Rules. Use our Trivia Questions and Answers to play a trivia game.

There are Christmas movies and then there’s Die Hard. It stands in a holiday cinema class all its own. As our own Kris Maske stated before, “. if Die Hard isn’t in someone’s top three. Dec 21, 2015. The Hardest Ever Xmas Movie Trivia Quiz. Wonderful Life, to badass action favourites like Die Hard and Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Let's face it. Find holiday and Christmas games. FREE PERSONALIZATION on ornaments.

DIFFICULT CHRISTMAS TRIVIA - QUESTIONS. Who wrote the mystery “The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding”? 12: In what movie was “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” introduced? 13: Dec 9, 2016. Now you have a Christmas movies quiz. ho. ho. ho. It's harder than Die Hard, grinchier than The Grinch and badder than Bad Santa. Referring to the 1954 film White Christmas, in what city and state was the inn that Bing Crosby's and Danny Kaye's characters are trying to save? Pine Tree, Vermont.

During which war does this movie take place? World War II. If you were to list the top five grossing movies of 1954, where would White Christmas sit on that list? At number one. The term “Christmas” does not mean that these questions are relevant only during Christmas periods, it can be referred to at any time. We have taken time to bring out some of the best Christmas trivia questions and answers that might interest you, and also educate you. This movie, set during Christmas time in Los Angeles, has the lead thief named Hans Gruber.

The Christmas Carol" Silent Night" was composed in Salzburg, Austria by Franz Gruber, a school teacher and church organist. We present to you a list of Christmas trivia questions and answers which contains questions related to Christmas. The term “Christmas” does not mean that these questions are relevant only during Christmas periods, it can be referred to at any time.

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