Christmas cactus care and maintenance

A Christmas Cactus is an easy care, flowering plant that can live for 100 years, being passed on from generation to generation. With each passing year, a Christmas Cactus gets bigger and more impressive. Christmas cactus is a popular gift plant during the Christmas cactus care and maintenance season because of its colorful blooms and easy-care reputation.

Plus these plants are widely available at garden centers and supermarkets. Like poinsettias, Christmas cactus start the flowering process when the days become shorter and the. In this guide you'll learn the basics on how to care for a Christmas Cactus.

Make your home more colorful this year with this beautiful house plant. How To Get Your Christmas Cactus To Flower. Cactus is a very low maintenance plant. When you force a Christmas cactus to bloom by giving it the proper care, in. Tips on Growing Christmas Cactus After the poinsettia, the christmas cactus (scientifically known as schlumbergera ) is the second most popular plant of the season.

With its brightly coloured flowers that typically bloom at Christmas and low maintenance nature, it's easy to see why people love this plant. The Christmas cactus is a favorite holiday houseplant. Learn about their bloom cycle and how to grow a Christmas cactus. They bloom a long time indoors and they are low-maintenance houseplants.

If you find your Christmas cactus blooming near Thanksgiving, guess what? Christmas Cactus Leaves Dropping From Christmas Cactus: Fixing Leaf Drop On Christmas Cactus Christmas Cactus Trimming Christmas Cactus Plants: Steps On How To Prune A Christmas Cactus Christmas Cactus Advice For Christmas Cactus Care A guide to the care and maintenance of Christmas cactus.

A Christmas cactus requires minimal care to thrive and flower each year. 1 Maintain temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit in spring and summer when the cactus isn't flowering. The Christmas cactus is a favorite holiday houseplant. Learn about their bloom cycle and how to grow a Christmas cactus. For years I have heard the frantic calls of Christmas cactus caretakers. Nobody wants to be the descendant that killed grandma's Christmas cacti. Christmas cactus uses its stems for reproduction through photosynthesis and does not produce leaves.

The stems grow in an arching, pendulous form, which makes the plant suitable for hanging baskets. Christmas cactus makes an excellent low-maintenance houseplant and requires minimal care to continue thriving after the holidays.

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