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This list is full of the best" chick flick" movies from current times to past! Let's see how many of these movies you have seen! ! Over the next few weeks I will be listing mine, and my family’s favourite festive films – the ones we think are essential viewing – there will be films for the kiddies, films for the chaps, Christmas classics and, starting off today, Christmas Chick Flicks (or rom-coms if.

Although this chick flick has a great storyline, the movie would not be the same without this strong and talented cast. “Love Actually” is the perfect movie to relax and watch with your loved ones.

Classic Feel Good Flicks One of the best holiday movies, and it's kinda spooky too, is A Christmas Carol. There are a bunch of different versions of this movie, but my favorite version is. Oct 2, 2017. We've put together a list of 25 Christmas movies that are the perfect way to. the decidedly grown-up holiday Chick flick christmas films flick Black Christmas. See Seventeen's holly jolly list of the top holiday movies of all time to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Top Ten British Chick Flicks – Best British and English Girl Movies April 20, 2010 By jackie Wither it’s a slumber party or a bad break up, the chick flick is. Busy moms, hit" pause" on holiday stress by watching one of these beloved" chick flicks" with a touch — or a bunch — of Christmas magic. Better yet, put these films on your Christmas wish list to enjoy year after year. Happy Holidays! Holiday Romance Movies on Netflix. keep these flicks in mind! And if you're looking for some cinematic romance not of the Christmas variety.

Home > Cinema > Movie News > Top Five Christmas Chick Flicks. Top Five Christmas Chick Flicks. Share with Facebook. T'is the season to be jolly and sure what makes for more joyous viewing.

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